Kiteboarding NSW Inc. (ex-NSWKBA, New South Wales Kiteboarding Association) is a non profit organisation run by volunteers with a love of kiting, with the aim of making kitesurfing more FUN and SAFE in New South Wales.

We are affiliated with Kiteboarding Australia Inc., the peak body for the sport of kiteboarding in Australia.


Our Mission

  • Promote safe kiteboarding practices
  • Encourage social events for kiters, beach BBQs, downwinders etc
  • Organise and sanction competitions to allow ranking of the state top riders
  • Develop local clubs and provide them with resources to foster local kiteboarding communities
  • Liaise with councils and water authorities to ensure access to beaches for kiters

Committee Members 2018/2019

  • President: Ben Herrald
  • Treasurer: Angus Dobb
  • Kiteboarding Australia Rep: Ben Herrald
  • Events: Christelle Le Baccon , Peter Booth South Coast, Keagan Davis

Event Assistance Policy

Kiteboarding NSW would like to encourage and enable its members to organise their own kitesurf-related events – and when appropriate is prepared to assist financially and/or with logistics/help/promotion. For instance local competitions or educational events (e.g. Clinics), especially in regional areas.

To be considered for assistance an event would need to:

  • Promote a stronger kitesurfing community and safe & considerate riding.
  • Be open to all Kiteboarding NSW members who fit the target group.
  • Be advertised to all members in advance of the event (eg through our email newsletter, website or Facebook page), even if the event is targeted at a sub-group (eg female riders, or kiteboarders¬†looking to race etc).
  • Get any amount of funding approved by the managing committee.
  • Not spend any of the money provided on alcohol or activities that would bring Kiteboarding NSW into disrepute.
  • Kiteboarding NSW would not necessarily be considered the sponsor/manager of the event and take on liability.